Meet Emma.
Emma is a good and beautiful creature. She’s a moon child. She is overly sensitive to bright light; she prefers the dark. She is the queen of her own little kingdom within the dark forest. She is young and small but make no mistake, she is fierce and a true warrior.All animals are her friends, she sees the light in the dark, the beauty in the beast, and she will find treasures in the unlikeliest of places.
She is a witch apprentice and enjoys making potions, charging crystals and casting spells.
At times, she’ll feel a little hollow inside but that is because she is all heart. A beautiful, fur lined, bunny shaped warm heart.

EMMA feels. Everything. Deeply. This is not her weakness but is in fact her greatest power. She guides you through your pain, your fears and your doubts and she helps you to release them into the absorbing black. And then, as if by magic, you are free. As is she.