It all starts with queen Esther. She's surrounded by lions, guardians of the queen and totem animals of her kingdom.
The long awaited moment has arrived: All that is nature, all that is life draws to her. Dewdrops turn towards her, ivy starts wrapping itself around her. A dandelion is making its seeds to dance for her.
A royal delivery is expected: Leeuwenhart, the heir to the throne. Esther is the lush décor of a journey that lies ahead. She is the realm Leeuwenhart has resided in, and will remain her home for the months to come. Now she is paving the winding road that will lead Leeuwenhart to their reunification.

We follow Leeuwenhart in her journey through landscapes as diverse as they are serene. It's dead silent, apart from a soft rumbling that is heard throughout the kingdom that slowly but surely becomes louder and louder. It has an undeniable attraction to all living things. Creatures start following it. Search parties are set up and messengers are sent to all corners of the lands to summon and gather all that lives in the land of Leeuwenhart to follow the cause of the disturbance: The great white lion, the carrier of the most precious gift. His is the honorary task to deliver: a human child.
It's a long and adventurous journey through dark woods and misty mountains. Along the way we meet the most wondrous of animals, the inhabitants of the kingdom. They will follow and escort the white lion on its journey. To all of them it is the send-off of their little queen Leeuwenhart, and the long awaited gathering of two kingdoms.

At long last Emma Leeuwenhart has arrived. All the royal subjects have gathered to celebrate the merger of the two worlds. It's an explosion of joy and laughter.
The queen is flooded with a euphoric serenity, she is a mother now. Leeuwenhart is in a deep blissful sleep, as she has finally found her home. Heaven has come to earth.