The Only Living Boy In New York
The Only Living Boy In New York

The Only Living Boy In New York is the journey in the artist's head getting ready for his New York debut. With vague memories of the buildings and landmarks, the atmosphere and quite aware of the history that lies underneath the city, the artist starts his mental journey, crossing the Atlantic Ocean, the way Henry Hudson did exactly 400 years ago. With time as the essential absentee, there appears to be a total lack of all human and animal life, and buildings are strangely translucent, as if a shutter speed of centuries created the 39 images the exhibit counts.
With the deserted city as his decor, he starts wandering around. There appear to be animals standing under the Brooklyn Bridge, but they turn out to be topiaries.
There’s no telling how long the Island has been deserted. Perhaps I’m the last one to ever be here. Perhaps the first. I’m the only one, that’s for sure.
I carry suitcases and books with me.  Esther is inside.  Accompanied by a menagery of animals. She is the captain of the Halve Maen, as I drag my suitcase across the Hudson. She is telling me where to go, riding a buffalo, as I hold her warmly in my hands, standing between tall alien buildings.
As memories, souvenirs. Or as solace, I don't know. In a way, that brings me even closer to them.