t e c h n i q u e

My technique can best be described as mixed media. 
In the past I have worked with oils, acrylics, water color, graphite, stenciling, drawing inks.
I incorporated 3D elements such as  toy parts, 
ornaments, old book covers and -pages, etc.
At a certain point I have narrowed it down to drawing inks and photopaper.
Since a couple of years I am back to: mixed media. 

Basically this means I use whatever materials and techniques I see fit to transcribe the images in my head onto panel, paper, canvas, 2D and 3D print, celluloid or bits and bites.
I'm most comfortable using fine brushes and drawing inks and graphites, but I also regularly use water color paints, markers and acrylics.
For some time now I've added digital image making to my line of techniques, meaning 3D sculpting, digital painting and image processing. I combine and mix them with my more traditional media.

Carriers I work on are -among others- wooden panels, canvas, swellable and slow drying photopaper, synthetic paper, different kinds of foils and sheets. 

photography: Manon van der Zwaal.